People Say Things...

Sometimes people say nice things about my blog: 

  • No blog round-up would be complete without mentioning Sally’s Take on the USA Today Crossword by Sally Hoelscher. Sally’s blogging voice is particularly suited for the USA Today puzzles (where I always learn something new) with a “Things I Learned” section, and lengthier musings on individual entries than typically seen at Diary of a Crossword Fiend. - "Crossword News and Notes, 6 February 2022."
Why I've Supported Sally's Take:
I asked some of my readers to share why they support Sally's Take financially. Here's what they said...(Note: With the exception of the one donor that gave me specific permission to use their name, I've listed these comments anonymously as I promised when asking for feedback.)
  • Sally is essential reading for any fan of the USA Today Crossword. To write as well as she writes, as smartly, as curiously, as warmly and wittily, day in and day out, is nothing short of amazing. It's an honor and a privilege to be blogged by her. - Erik Agard, USA Today Crossword Editor
  • The blog is a lot of fun to read. Sally is very positive and supportive of constructors. She points out interesting nuances in the puzzle (and happily explains pop references that might be over my head). The blog also links to interesting sites and articles that go further in depth re some of the answers/clues.  Just today, Sally described synesthete and linked to a Scientific American article. The blog is a terrific resource! I love the geography review as well. Finally, it is nice to see the constuctor notes that Sally posts. Overall, the blog is fantastic.
  • I enjoy your blog because I always learn something new and feel the joy of the crossword puzzle world. It is a valued part of my morning! Thank you for your positive, fun approach; especially when there is enough distressing news elsewhere!
  • The USA Today Crossword is my favorite daily crossword, and I love having a dedicated place to go after solving where I can learn more about the most interesting clues/answers. Sally is a great writer, and her combination of insightful commentary and positivity make for the perfect companion to the daily puzzle!
  • I really appreciate Sally’s Take on the USA Today Crossword. Before I knew about Sally’s Take, I would often be “clueless” as to the themes. I would complete the crossword but not get the connection with the name of the puzzle. I would also be stumped and a little curious about clues I couldn’t figure out. Thanks to Sally’s Take, I can look up any puzzle and get not only the answers to these questions, but some interesting facts and background as well. I really enjoy your blog and appreciate you for it. Thank you!
Many thanks to these folks for their kind words! If you'd like to join them in supporting Sally's Take, you can contribute via PayPal (by clicking on the Donate button at the bottom of the page), by Venmo (@Sally-Hoelscher), or mail a check